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Celebrity Chef. Mentor. Consultant.

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The Chef with the Midas Touch

Recipient of President of India’s award for best Chef, Saby enjoys a cult following as the dynamic President of Young Chefs’ Forum of IFCA. The successful consultant Chef is also a restaurant partner with significant projects to his credit…

The only person’s food I like apart from my mother’s cooking is Chef Saby.

Gravatar Abhishek Bachchan, Actor

This man is very close to my heart because he feeds my stomach.

Gravatar Anil Ambani, Industrialist

Partnering Restaurants

Saby the Chef

Explore the culinary creations of Saby in RECIPE

Saby the Celebrity

Making news with food & views, find more on Saby in MEDIA

Saby the Consultant

Turning food into gold through COLLABORATION

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